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What do we do?

3D digital audit

Making a 3D audit is a starting step for performing a major digitization. It entails choosing optimal tools and calibration which prevents us from making mistakes at a later stage and allows keeping the highest standard of work throughout the whole scanning process.


We have extensive experience in using all types of air, fixed, mobile and hand-held laser and optical scanners in the field of three-dimensional digitization of unique architecture objects and artefacts.


We can perform a 3D laser scan processing, registration, and quality control of any number of scans, using a specialty software to assist more efficient processing and management of the scan data.


Webshare Cloud is an intuitive application entailing the management of digitized resources (of heritage) through a web browser. They all merge into a mix of metric panorama images with a point cloud and its data containing multimedia and descriptions of individual items available in any format.


We create orthographic photos for heritage sites directly from final Point Cloud projects at high resolutions up to 100 MPx. The images generated in this way are importable into a CAD program.


We transform a cloud of points into a mesh model comprising a collection of vertices, edges and faces that define the shape of irregular objects (e.g. sculpture) in 3D computer graphics and solid modeling.


We create designs for a variety of architectural items including cross-sections and projections of floors and elevations in any format and to a varied degree of detail depending on the assumptions.


Thanks to a versatility and high performance of the specialty software, the point cloud processing allows to generate meshing without size limit as well as produce precise, light and high quality 3D CAD models. Therefore we can provide more or less complete models, according to one’s preferences.


We create interactive applications for educational purposes which take advantage of the digitized resources of heritage. In the process we endeavor to apply the most advanced technology such as virtual reality and VR/AR lens in order to make learning to people as attractive as possible.


We can convert a point cloud to Revizto - a real-time issue tracking software for Architecture with a focus on collaboration and BIM project coordination. Revizto unifies BIM intelligence and makes it immediately accessible and actionable for the entire project team.

Reverse engineering

We have been applying precise lasers and optic scanners for reverse engineering. Thanks to it we may restore elements of historic artifacts (i.e. sculptures, pottery) or replicate in detail designs of architectural objects which never existed.


Integrated UAS or UAV systems are used for scanning areas which are hard to access or are of large dimensions. In this way we retrieve data for ortho photo maps of high resolution and a highly detailed numerical models of terrain (NMT) without reference to GCP (Ground Control Points).