Piotr Bialobrzycki


  • Master’s degree in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw
  • Studied History of Art and Law and Administration

Professional activities:

  • President of the Foundation for the Virtualisation of National Cultural Heritage
  • Expert of the State Commissions for Investigation of Aviation and Maritime Accidents in the field of 3D laser scanning, aerial and underwater photogrammetry
  • Forensic expert in the field of laser measuring instruments

Areas of activity:

Forensic science – for more than 15 years, as an expert of national investigative and trial authorities at all levels (courts and prosecutor’s office), he has carried out dozens of visual inspections of accident sites, including with the latest 3D laser and optical scanners and drones with 4K,photogrammetric, scanning and infrared cameras: road accidents, air, rail and construction disasters, homicides, bombings (including in Wrocław – May 2016), fires (Gorzów cathedral – July 2017), etc. He has issued over 150 trial opinions, none of which have been challenged in the courts.

Historic preservation – digital, two- and three-dimensional inventory, reconstruction and virtualisation of unique objects of ancient architecture and historic artefacts, collected, among others, in museum and church collections. His achievements include dozens of documented inventory and reconstruction works in Poland and abroad, based on the latest technologies of 3D laser and optical scanning, aerial and underwater photogrammetry and virtual reality mix, including museum exhibitions, sacred architecture, fortifications and castles, militaria from the period of both world wars, sailing ships and historic warships, palace complexes, carriages, sculptures from the entire period of art, ancient ceramics. In total, he has developed 3D models of more than 600 historical artefacts from across the art period and 3D scanned around 70 architectural monuments across Europe.


In 2022, creator of the concept for the digitisation of the Schönhof building in Görlitz (Germany), responsible for the acquisition of a grant and substantive supervision of the implementation of the “Schönhof digital” project, the aim of which was to disseminate in virtual form the collections gathered in the historic building of the Silesian Museum.

Originator of the idea of creating and author of the concept of building an interactive European Route of Marian Temples, based on the unique monuments of sacred architecture comprehensively digitised by him and his foundation.

Between 2019 and 2022, as a partner of the parish, he carried out r comprehensive implementation (design, application, acquisition of a financial grant, implementation, project settlement) of the author’s digitisation and virtualisation projects in the area of, among others, 10 Historical Monuments, which received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – Digital Culture competition.

Between 2019 and 2022, as a partner of the Catholic parishes, he carried out comprehensive implementation (design, application, acquisition of financial grant, implementation, project settlement) of the author’s digitisation and virtualisation projects on the territory of 10 Historical Monuments, which received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the competition programme “Digital Culture”.

Finally, he developed and implemented an interactive Route of Marian Temples with a dedicated web application for all types of multimedia (including VR goggles – virtual walks) in three languages, in the WCAG 2.1 standard – maryjny.org

Selected training courses and certifications:

  • Certified operator of Faro Focus S-Series and Artec Rey desktop and handheld laser scanners, Faro Edge coordinate measuring arm with non-contact head and Faro Scene dedicated software.
  • Certified operator of Artec Micro, Artec Eva, Artec Spider and Artec Leo structured white light handheld scanners and Artec Studio 16 dedicated software.
  • Certified instructor of Faro Crash/Crime Zone, Faro Aras Reality and Faro Zone 3D software – two- and three-dimensional visualisation and reconstruction of random events, including traffic accidents and criminal events.
  • Adobe Certified Expert ACE and Adobe Certified Professional (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects) – digital media creation.
  • UAVO VLOS and UAVO BVLOS unmanned aerial vehicle pilot’s licence in the category up to 25 kg with specialised instrumentation (rgb and multispectral cameras, thermal and anti-smog sensors, 3D laser scanners) – more than 1,000 hours of flights using professional DJI drones of the Mavic, Inspire and DJI Matrice series.


  • Polish (native)
  • English
  • Russian

We have completed more than 20 projects, digitising more than 1,000 exhibits

We wish to cooperate with owners of monuments of sacred and secular architecture who understand the importance of conducting digitisation processes and want to disseminate knowledge about their monument in an interactive and virtual form, in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 standard.