Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw

Mother of Churches of Silesia

The project „Dissemination through 2D/3D digitisation of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Wroclaw” — Mother of the Churches of Silesia” involves the faithful reconstruction of the architecture of a fragment of the Monument of History — the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Wroclaw and the movable relics (paintings, sculpture, artistic crafts, blacksmithing, etc.) contained therein, through two- and three-dimensional digitisation.

The scope of work will cover the entire church and the outstanding and valuable works of art within it. The latest measurement and visualisation technologies and web technologies (multilingual, responsive website) will be used in the course of the task, ensuring interactivity for all types of audiences, with particular emphasis on the excluded (WCAG 2.1 standard).

The main objective of the project is to develop and digitise cultural heritage resources and to make digital resources available and reusable for popularisation, educational and scientific purposes. The high quality of the digitised collection will contribute to increasing Poland’s participation in the global circulation.

Range of activities

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