Virgin Mary as Queen of the Polish Crown

At the turn of the 20th century, the stained glass window in the small window above the main altar was still missing. Finally, the carton was ordered from Jan Styka. When the carton was already at the factory, it was decided to change the theme of the stained glass window. The new carton, entitled “The Virgin Mary as Queen of the Polish Crown,” was made by Edward Lepszy – a student of Jan Matejko.

He assisted the Master, among others, in the realization of the polychrome in the Marian Church in Cracow. In 1894 he settled in Lviv, where he became an assistant to Professor Leonard Marconi at the Lviv Polytechnic. After his death, he served as professor of drawing and modeling.

The central part of the stained glass window is occupied by a seated figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus. At the top, a ribbon inscription reads “Queen of the Polish Crown, pray for us.” At the feet of the Mother of God are laid a sword, a scepter and a royal crown, as symbols of the surrender of the Polish state and nation to the protection of the Mother of God. Below is depicted a female figure symbolizing the Mother of the Fatherland, who is embracing two young men holding a ribbon with the inscription “Take our vows.” Ribbons with the names of Polish saints are shown on either side of the Mother of God.



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