Saint Joseph's Church

The Brotherhood Church of Saint Joseph was built between 1690 and 1696 on the initiative of Abbot Bernard Rosa. The building was erected on the site of the temple of St. Andrew the Apostle as the headquarters of the established Brotherhood of St. Joseph.

The church was planned as a new parish temple, but also as the main headquarters for the ever-expanding Brotherhood of St. Joseph, established in 1669.

The envisioned functions tremendously influenced the character of the building and its design. The simplicity of the message and its content was intended to assist preachers in preaching the Word of God and evangelizing the faithful. Polychromes in the interior by Michal Wilmann (the Silesian Rembrandt) show visitors the story of Joseph and the Holy Family.

The church in its design has been subordinated to the Protector of Christ, for at every step the viewer is presented with the figure of St. Joseph and his participation in the History of Salvation by means of painted or sculpted representations.







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