Portrait of Prince Philip

The portrait depicts Philip I at the age of 26. The prince is shown in half pose, en trois quatre, facing the viewer in right profile. His hair is styled in the fashion of the time, with a characteristic short fringe. He is clad in a kaftan called a wams, from under which a white creche protrudes. Over this was thrown a shuba – a voluminous black coat without a clasp, embroidered with silver and gold embroidery and having a fur collar.

On the chest one can see a gold chain interwoven four times. The figure’s left hand supports itself on the handle of a rapier. The fingers are decorated with gold rings, the larger one on the right hand is a framed turquoise set. The background of the painting is a uniform turquoise-blue with reflections of green. The face is worked out carefully, with delicate chiaroscuro. Parts of the hair, beard and fur coat are painted with precise strokes of a thin brush. Less detailed, however, are the hands of the portrait subject. In the upper left corner of the picture field are the date 1541 and the Cranachs’ coat of arms mark – a winged dragon holding a ring in its mouth.

Philip I of Pomerania (1515–1560) was Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast.



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