We are digitising an architectural pearl in Görlitz's old town

April 1, 2022

This week we are in Görlitz (Germany), where we are implementing the „Schönhof digital” project in cooperation with the local Silesian Museum, the aim of which is to develop an interactive guide to the museum with three-dimensional models of the monuments, gigapixel panoramas of the interiors, gigapixel photographs of the paintings and descriptions in three languages.

The whole thing will be made available free of charge, and in addition a project website will be set up, in which the collections and news sections will play an important role in addition to the offer for children.

Our work focuses on the digitisation of the museum’s collections, including sculpture, painting and handicrafts. Particular attention is being paid to the museum’s remarkable collection of Silesian porcelain, which has been acquired by generous donors.

We took the opportunity to test live 3D printing of 3D models of several monuments developed on an ongoing basis, with a view to making the museum’s educational activities for the youngest visitors more attractive. The tests were successful, and we believe that the possibility for children to 3D print models themselves will, along with a virtual walk in VR goggles, be the most interesting and creative way to spend time in the architectural pearl of the old town of Görlitz.

We have completed more than 20 projects, digitising more than 1,000 exhibits

We wish to cooperate with owners of monuments of sacred and secular architecture who understand the importance of conducting digitisation processes and want to disseminate knowledge about their monument in an interactive and virtual form, in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 standard.