We are carrying out further digitisation work in Klepsk

August 24, 2022

Last year, we decided to undertake a pro bono project to digitally disseminate a unique monument of the Lubuskie region, the most forested region in Poland.

The Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Klepsk was declared a Historic Monument in 2017, not without reason. For it is one of the oldest surviving Protestant churches in this part of Europe, and is distinguished by its outstanding historical, artistic and scientific values. The temple, originally Catholic, then rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the local Evangelical community, is an important material testimony to the multinational and multi-confessional history of the Polish lands, whose successive inhabitants incorporated the cultural heritage and material legacy of their predecessors, thus enriching the local cultural heritage.

Following the laser scanning of the entire body of the church and the 3D digitalisation of the church’s priceless furnishings, it was now time to develop a virtual walk with descriptions embedded in 3D space using tags. For this, we used ultra-modern tools that provide a high level of ‘immersion’ in the virtual space of the monument.

The work carried out will result in a publicly accessible, free interactive VR guide available for any type of multimedia, including smartphones and virtual reality goggles. The results of the work will also be published on the Marian Temples Trail (maryjny.org), which was created by our foundation.

We have completed more than 20 projects, digitising more than 1,000 exhibits

We wish to cooperate with owners of monuments of sacred and secular architecture who understand the importance of conducting digitisation processes and want to disseminate knowledge about their monument in an interactive and virtual form, in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 standard.