Schönhof digital

Renaissance gem of Görlitz

Schönhof, the main building of the Silesian Museum and an architectural gem located in the heart of the Old Town in Görlitz, with its fascinating history will soon be able to be visited from New York, Rome and London. This will happen thanks to the “Schönhof digital” project, which the Silesian Museum in Görlitz (Germany) is implementing together with the Foundation for the Virtualisation of National Cultural Heritage.

Schönhof is one of the most historically significant buildings in the Europa-City of Görlitz/Zgorzelec and plays an important role on a European scale. It was rebuilt in 1526 and is now regarded as one of the oldest secular Renaissance buildings north of the Alps. It was the residence of kings, the residence of mayors and a model for other Renaissance buildings in Görlitz.

As part of the project, a multilingual web platform and an interactive application will be developed, which will enable, among other things, virtual tours of the historic building of the Silesian Museum. To this end, the Schönhof has been digitised since January this year using the latest measurement and visualisation technologies.

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