The Organ

Abbot Innocent Fritsch (1727-1734) ordered the organs to be made by the famous Wrocław organ builder – Michał Engler (1688-1760) who built 29 such instruments in Czech and Silesia area. Construction work took him 3 years. On the 8th of December 1736 the instrument was released for liturgical use. The organs were equipped with three manuals, 2606 pipes, 50 registers and 7 box shaped flat bolt windchests for collection of air under the pipes.

Late Baroque, two storey organ front by A. Dorazil complements the external decoration of the Krzeszów instrument. He placed four large, winged figures on thirteen rollers. Their role is to support the pipe towers. There are numerous sculptures of musical angels on the cornice crowning the front.

The figural sculpture of a group of musical angels matches the iconographic form of the organ front, formulated by the text of Psalms 95 and 150 which are the apotheosis of the instrumental and vocal music Laudate Dominium – as art practised for the glory of God. The text of psalms in Latin is placed on five decorative cartouches on the organ front.




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