Saint Bernard converting Duke William of Aquitaine

In the Great Refectory, above the portraits of the abbots, in the arches are eight paintings depicting the life of the patron saint of the Oliwa monastery, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The author of the paintings is an unknown artist, possibly Wenzel, who is indicated by the period of the works, namely the mid-18th century.

The wall paintings chronologically start from the west wall of the refectory and depict: 1. the prophetic dream of St Bernard’s vocation. 2. Saint Bernard’s vision of the birth of the Lord. 3. Saint Bernard’s entry into the monastery at Citeaux. 4. Saint Bernard being fed by Mary with her milk. 5. Saint Bernard blessing breads for the sick. 6. Saint Bernard dictating a letter to Brother Robert. 7. Saint Bernard converting Duke William of Aquitaine. 8. Saint Bernard being consoled by Christ Crucified.



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