Portrait of Johannes Hevelius

Johannes Hevelius (Gdansk 1611-1687 ibid), scientist astronomer, brewer, councillor of the Old Town in the City Council of Gdansk. The author of the portrait is Daniel Schultz (Gdansk 1615-1683 ibid), 1677.

After Nicolaus Copernicus, the most prominent astronomer active in The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. He published his great works at his own expense. He published the results of his observations in foreign journals.  Scholarship holder of King Louis XIV of France.  He found special protection from the Polish kings: Ladislaus IV, John Casimir, John III Sobieski. Of the astronomer’s works, his work on the description of the moon, Selenographia (1647), valid for almost 200 years, was the most highly regarded. In the work Machina Coelestis (part one),1673, he showed the observatory and instruments, destroyed in the fire of 3 houses in 1679 . He included observations of the fixed stars in his works: Prodromus Astronomiae and Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia, published after his death in 1690.

The portrait is distinguished by its artistic execution and content message hidden in the symbolism of scientific attributes.  The work has a provenance documented in the sources.



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