Our Lady of Sobieski in gigapixel format

September 3, 2022

The cathedral in Wroclaw contains a particularly venerated painting of Our Lady of Sobieski, also known as the painting of Our Lady of Victory and Our Lady of Sorrows, which was painted in Rome around 1670-1685, probably by Giovanni Battista Salvi, as evidenced by the strong resemblance to his works in Cesena and Pesaro.

As part of the project „Dissemination through 2D/3D digitisation of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Wroclaw – Mother of the Churches of Silesia”, carried out in collaboration with the cathedral parish, we carried out a 2D gigapixel digitisation of this magnificent painting.

The whole process was carried out in several stages, i.e. the taking of the component photographs with a digital SLR camera equipped with a telephoto lens and a specialised automatic panoramic head, postproduction consisting in colour and density editing of the RAW files and export of the component photographs to a specialised programme for creating panoramas, rendering of the image to a graphic file and finally export to a format which will allow it to be viewed in a dedicated browser for virtual presentation.

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