Church of St. Joseph in Krzeszów

Unusual friars' temple

The project „Digitisation of the Monument of History – St Joseph’s Church in Krzeszow – Pearl of the European Baroque – phase II” consisted of a digital, three-dimensional and virtual recreation of the architecture of the entire church and the monuments it contains (painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, etc.).

It is one of two churches, along with the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krzeszow, already digitised by the foundation in 2020, that form part of the former Cistercian abbey – established as a Monument of History in 2004.

The scope of work covered the entire church and the outstanding and valuable works of art inside, including the restored frescoes by the Silesian Rembrandt, Michael Willmann. The full spectrum of the latest measurement, visualisation and Internet technologies (multilingual website) was used during the task, ensuring interactivity for all types of audience, with particular emphasis on the excluded (WCAG 2.1 standard). The main objective of the project was the digitisation of cultural heritage resources and the dissemination of these digital resources for popularisation, educational, scientific and conservation purposes.

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