Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Kamien Pomorski

Digitalisation of the Cathedral of Kamien Pomorski – a journey through 900 years of Christianity in Western Pomerania

The primary objective of the project is the faithful, digital, three-dimensional and virtual reconstruction of the architecture of the Cathedral in Kamien Pomorski (from the outside and inside), as well as the collection of movable relics (paintings, sculpture, organs, handicrafts, blacksmithing, etc.) inside it, based on the latest measurement and visualization technologies and a mix of virtual reality, and to make the results and knowledge about this unique resource available.

Almost 900 years ago, in 1124, Bishop Otto of Bamberg, at the request of the Polish Duke Boleslaw III Wrymouth, baptised the people of Pomerania, giving rise to the Bishopric of Kamien Pomorski. In 1176, the construction of the cathedral began. It is the oldest and most valuable sacral building on the Baltic coast, with its eastern part having Romanesque and early Gothic features, with cloister’s garth and tower. The Cathedral – a Monument of History is a unique monument full of works of art, exemplifying history and national pride in the material and spiritual sphere. Task carried out on the 75th anniversary of Polish Pomerania.

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