Battle of Vienna 1683

340th Anniversary of the Siege of Vienna by Jan III Sobieski

The aim of the project is to disseminate, in an interactive form, the world’s knowledge of the greatest achievement of the Polish Armed Forces by means of a two- and three-dimensional digitization and virtualization of preserved cultural heritage resources related to the event, including St. Joseph’s Church on Kahlenberg, the battlefield and monuments collected in churches, museums and private collections throughout Europe.

The results of this work will be made available free of charge through web applications, adapted to WCAG 2.1 requirements in the highest AAA standard, ensuring that excluded people, including the blind, can access these resources, and at St. Joseph’s Church on Kahlenberg. St Joseph’s Church on the Kahlenberg and at the project partners, interactive Learning Centres will be set up for children and young people „Victoria of Vienna 1683”, telling the European history and culture of the period from Poland’s position using the latest multimedia, including virtual and augmented reality goggles.

This is the first project on „Sobiesciana”, combining in-depth scientific research, comprehensive 2D/3D digitization of collections scattered across Europe, and the dissemination to the world in virtual form of knowledge about this magnificent, albeit brief, period of triumph in the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Range of activities