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The Foundation for Virtualization of the National Heritage of Culture was set up in January 2017 with the aim of helping a variety of historical monuments to remain in the human memory for ever.

We focus our attention on the unique monuments at risk of irrepairable damage.

Some of them do cannot count on being supported with the public funds because their ranking in the public perception is low or their owners or operators lack enough resources to secure adequate maintenance or preservation. As a consequence, their physical state continues deteriorating and remnants of the glorious past disappear before our eyes.
Overloaded with everyday chores we do not pay attention.

Being experts at applying the most up-to-date technology to digitizing and producing three-dimensional replicas of items of a cultural heritage we have decided to use our competence for the benefit of saving endangered pieces of architecture from oblivion.

Instead of offering huge and costly investments we perform a digital stock taking of the status quo. With such data at hand we may convert them into a 3D and dynamic model at later stage.

So far we have pursued over 40 comprising digitalization, stock taking and virtualization of relics of unique architectural as well as antique artefacts constituting parts museum collections or belonging to interiors of churches.
Our priority at monuments facing a risk of irrepairable damage. Because what we do can be considered a starting point for any preservative efforts. We also help the monument operators to find financing.

The Foundation has dozens of documented inventories and reconstruction works in Poland and abroad, based on the latest technologies of 3D laser scanning and virtual reality, including:

  • museum exhibitions.
  • sacral architecture.
  • fortifications and castles.
  • historical fortification systems of the both world wars.
  • sailing ships and historical warships.
  • carriage.
  • sculptures from the entire art period.
  • ancient ceramics.

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Our goals

Our foundation has the following goals to achieve:

  • virtualization of the European cultural heritage in Poland and abroad with the aim of safeguarding it in a possibly full and intact physical shape for future generations.
  • dissemination of the knowledge of the common heritage among Polish and other communities with the aid of digital records and 3D scans of historic resources.
  • supporting actions at spreading among children, the youth and adults a know-how to apply advanced technologies for preservation of historical monuments based upon VR (addressed particularly to artists, professionals dealing with taking care of cultural heritage and associated with museums who are interested in developing their vocational skills.
  • collaboration in the field of culture and execution of joint undertakings using multimedia that serve building a social awareness of the wealth of the European culture.
  • promotion of the cultural heritage as a major driver of the tourist exchange involving inhabitants of all European countries.